We have a large portfolio of offerings and its quite comprehensive. Its categorized as follows.

Mobility Solutions
Audit & consulting

SAP Services
Customized Solutions
Staffing Services

We continuously keep updating , upgrading our existing products as well as we keep building new products. Our passion to innovate and service industries, businesses and society at large keeps us going with it.

1. Web based Products – BKMIST

Copia Consultancy Services is a IT products development company. We build products and implement them for our customers. All our products are cloud based solutions with client-server methodology. All these products and its information is stored in a separate website so that customers can go through it in more detail and subscribe it from there itself. It also allows customers to connect with us and provide feedback or issues about products and solutions that they are using.
We call these product solutions as Business Knowledge Management using Information Technology &Solutions or its abbreviated form is BKMIST.
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1. BIZERP:- This is an ERP application which can be used for managing entire business process operations. It contains various modules like Purchase to Pay, Quote to Cash, Inventory Management, Finance & Accounting. It has built in capability of GST calculations and keeping track of GST for reporting purposes. This can also be used as a dealer management solution where each dealer can function as an independent business. Along with that, it also provides Claim management & settlement, Ordering and common item master functionality to work as a DMS system. BIZERP can be a viable alternative to Tally or SAP B1 or any other ERP application. This has plugins to connect with SAP ERP at various levels such as Mater Data and Transactions.

2. CECRM:- This is complete CRM solution and can compete with SFDC or SAP CRM. It has various modules like Lead Management, Opportunities, Campaign, Customer & contacts, Nearby customers and so on. This can be very effective solution for managing pipeline orders, Salesperson productivity and so on. BIZERP and CECRM can also be sold separately as well as one product. Internally they are integrated at database level and so customers can get benefits of using it together as well.

3. CEMACHINES:-This is a web portal for all heavy equipment machines. Every seller or supplier of heavy equipments or spares can register on it , upload products and make it available for the marketplace. Users can search these products and click on button to send leads to prospective sellers.

4. GATEPASS:-This is a mobile application for managing safety and security of premises such as schools, offices, and housing societies. This application can keep track of all visitors, can do appointments, and can integrate with CC TV solutions.

Together these products can be referred as BKMIST and all information & help files of these products are available on

2. Mobility Solutions

Every Copia product has a mobility solution. In other words, mobility is an integral part of Copia products. Apart from building mobile solutions, we also provide enterprise consulting services to our clients to choose the mobility platform and advise them to use appropriate mobility solutions. That way, mobile solutions for the customers become useful and productivity tools rather than just having a mobile app for a process.

3. Audit & Management Consulting

Copia has very strong team of experienced professionals with lot of domain knowledge. With this we service our customers in audit services, ensuring their compliance with government rules & regulations.
Our team does financial audits and can submit them with government authorities with proper authorizations. In addition to compliance needs, this team focuses on regular financial process improvements and visibility to customers in all types of financial data and how can it be used for making business decisions.

4. SAP solutions

We provide all types of services in SAP space such as implementations, Production support and integrations. Our services in SAP product space cut across all SAP products such as ECC, CRM, SAP B1 and so on. Apart from regular services mentioned, we also provide niche development &solutions in SAP-Basis, SAP-PI-PO, Workflows, Variant configurations and so on.
We are also education partner through our associate organizations.

5. Customized Solutions

Our main product suite is through BKMIST but we also provide solutions using Microsoft technologies as per customer needs. Many times, customers already have an old or existing application and it needs an upgrade or overhaul. We follow our standard methodology and solution in such situations.s

6. Staffing Services

While doing all these IT solutioning, product development, SAP developments and management consulting, many times customers have specific needs of skill sets or resource needs for short durations. In such scenarios, we help our customers by fulfilling these as per customer needs.