Supreme Court 'disappointed' with govt's handling of farmer protests, says hold farm laws or we will

11 Jan 2021

Supreme Court has asked the central government to hold the farm laws or it will issue an order, saying it was "disappointed" how the negotiation with the farmers, who have been protesting against the farm laws, was handled.

During the hearing of a clutch of pleas challenging the new farm laws, the Supreme Court directed the central government to hold the farm laws or else "we will do it" while noting that the situation has become worse. The Supreme Court said it was "disappointed" with the way the negotiation process with the protesting farmers over the farm laws was handled by the central government. Demanding to know the conditions the farmers have been protesting in against the farm laws for over a month and amid a pandemic, CJI Bobde said, "We don't know what negotiations are going on? We want to set up the expert committee. We want the government to hold the laws in abeyance...if the Centre does not want to stay the implementation of farm laws, we will put a stay on it."

"Hold the laws in abeyance, why is it a prestige issue?" asked the Supreme Court.

The court said, "It's [the farmers' protest] getting worse and worse. People are committing suicide, sitting in this cold...Who is taking care of food and water? Is there any social distancing? We don't know why these farmers are keeping old people and women on the ground? Why should old people be out in the cold? Each one of us will be responsible if something goes wrong. We don't want anybody's blood on our hands."