Guest Discussion- Mr Charudatta Pande

01 Jun 2018

We have Mr Charu Pande this time with us. Here is his brief introduction

Charudatta has around 20 years experience across Information Systems, Automotive, Engineering & Services domains. He has helped organizations Implement and Enhance ERP Systems, Define / Automate / Validate Standard Operating Processes and Assess Profitability. He has lead critical Business Transformation Projects in Lighting, Packaging and Engineering Industry. He presented the Operational and IT Aspects of GST in various industrial forum.
He is a Mechanical Engineer with  a Post Graduate Diploma from Symbiosis Institute of  Business Management. After 10 years of Core Engineering Experience in Automotive and Engineering Sector, he worked with companies like SAP, IBM and Dassault Systems, managing relationships with Large Enterprises.

What kind of business you do?

We are primarily Management Consultants helping clients strengthen / improve / implement Business Processes across various aspects of business. We help clients map their Business Processes, Relate the maps with ERP Systems, Assess the Gaps in Processes / ERP and bridge the gaps. We then help management gain retrospective and predictive insights based on this data.

How long you are in this Business?

I have been working for last 20 years. This is my third venture. This present venture, Suhrud Consultants is nearing a year mark.

What prompted you to do your own business?

We are going through a transformation in our economy. There is an establish set of companies needing help and aspirational companies looking for support to grow. That presents an unique opportunity. I have always believed in partnering with clients to help them realize their potential. Hence, I decided to convert my passion into my business.

So generally businesses are complacent. They even do not recognize that they may have problems until its too late. How do you identify these situations & advice customers?

Yes. This has been a challenge in Promoter / Family Driven Companies and SME sector. Generally, the promoters are so passionate about their products / services that they tend to overlook some critical aspects of ensuring business sustenance. I believe that these promoters need to seek Professional Support in the areas other than their core competence. This would help them concentrate on the things they excel in and create / deliver more value for their clients. You can see a lot of mentoring happening in IT Sector. I believe the manufacturing / Services sector needs to adopt this concept, at the earliest possible.

When you audit, do you also check on financial compliance or that is done by other compliance auditors?

We conduct Management Audit covering Processes, Information flow, Data Capturing in ERP and Management Reporting through System. We conduct the Risk Assessment and address the Top Risk Areas first. We monitor the progress and then proceed to subsequent Risks. We follow continuous / incremental improvement approach.

If a customer is engaged with you, do you provide only advisory services or you propose solutions & also implement them to ensure customers get results also?

We primarily provide the advisory services. We help clients design selection criteria for solutions they needs and evaluation criteria for Implementation Partners. We support clients in Project Management to ensure timely completion of the project with the agreed deliverables. We work with Clients to set-up follow-up mechanisms to to monitor adoption.

How much time it takes until customers start realizing benefits based on your recommendations?

The benefits can be seen early as one week or less in Operational Control areas. The Implementation of System based controls needs a month's time and the benefits can be realized in subsequent months. The improvements in quality for data for analysis can be seen in a quarter. It takes around a years effort to refine predictive models.

What kind of actions business typically needs to take? Do they need to make huge investments to achieve benefits?

The process  improvements don’t need any additional investments unless there is a need for some automation. Improvements in underlying ERP system can be configured by internal IT Team or service partner as a part of maintenance contract. In our experience, the only investment needed is in term of time and commitment by the Management and concerned teams.

Do you often see businesses are doing firefighting rather than process oriented business? Is it more common in India compared to developed economies?

Yes. There is a significant difference in the work culture. Indian companies are traditionally more people driven compared to their process driven counterparts in Developed Economies. However, Indian companies have quickly adopted the Global Best Practices like Lean very effectively.

Do you focus on large multinational companies in India or small / medium segment business? And why?

We are focussing on Medium size companies at present. We believe that they need partners like us to realize their potential.

If solution needs implementation of a system or process, how do you ensure that its done.

That’s our USP. We work with clients to implement what we suggest. In case of an ERP System Upgrade Project, we had incorporated a 6 month hand-holding period to ensure that ERP becomes Way of Life at operational level.

What are challenges for a "Change" in the business?

Acceptance of need for change is the only challenge. Once the need is accepted, people adapt.

Can you tell us one of simple example where customer has been benefited with some change?

Implementation of Material Controls in an leading engineering company had helped them save INR 24L Per month. In an ongoing engagement, we have helped client recover material worth 60 Lacs. In a Product Costing Exercise, we have helped client restructure their complete product portfolio.

Is GST helping you in the audits or to businesses? In your opinion how businesses are responding to GST regime?

We have seen companies adopting GST with reasonable comfort. The material movement has significantly improved. E-way bill implementation is underway. The large corporates are leveraging the real business advantage of GST in terms of Additional Tax Credits and Supply Chain Optimization. I personally believe that SMEs need support to leverage GST better.

Do you use any tools in your evaluation or recommendations?

We have our own Checklists and tools, that are derived based on lot of techniques and real life experiences.

If someone needs to reach you for engaging your firm, how would they connect with you?

Just drop a note  at and we can be engaged.

Is your consulting costly, cheaper or comparable when compared with large consulting firms?

We deliver value. We operate at the Operation Level helping clients realize the benefits. We structure the engagements to ensure that we take fraction of the business value we create for client.

Why business would like to engage with your firm compared to large consulting organizations like PWC or Deloitte or any other big firms? What is your USP?

We help companies realize the benefits we propose. That’s our USP.

Thank you very much for sharing your views for our readers and all the best to you in your ventures.

Thank you.