Petrol and diesel prices fall further, second cut on run

25 Mar 2021

Fuel prices were cut today for the second day on run, bringing petrol down to Rs 90.78 a litre in Delhi.

Yesterday, petrol and diesel prices were cut for the first time in more than a year following a fall in international crude prices. Before that, prices were last cut on March 16, 2020.

For today, while petrol has been priced 21 paise lower in Delhi, diesel has been brought down by 20 paise.

The change from yesterday's prices is more or less similar for other metro cities too (18-21 paise for petrol and 20-22 paise for diesel.

After today's cut, petrol is retailing at Rs 97.19 in Mumbai, Rs 92.77 in Chennai and Rs 90.98 in Kolkata.

For diesel, the retail price for a litre in Delhi today is Rs 81.10, Rs 88.20 in Mumbai, Rs 86.10 in Chennai and Rs 83.98 in Kolkata.