Visitor Management System in Industries

25 Mar 2021

With the advent of Industry 4.0 there are numerous challenges the industries face today. There are multiple domains wherein industries need to work on to increase their productivity. One such domain is to keep a proper record of visitors and employees. Imagine owning an industrial unit and having no proper accountability of who accessed your premises. It can either be hourly waged employees or arbitrary visitors at your unit.

Even if it’s a small Machining unit, there may be large number of visitors. These include employees, temporary contractors and many other random visitors. Not having a proper log of them can led to a safety and security breach. Employees being paid on an hourly basis can temper with records and charge for extra hours for which they didn’t even work. Such fraudulent activities, need Sunny monitoring of the employee’s working hours. In case of visitors, they may steal some of your equipment or even important intellectual property. Traditionally, industries use manual visitor logbooks. But these prove to be quite ineffective as many a times records are misplaced and visitors could then provide fake identities to enter the premises. This calls for a centralized system for managing visitors and employees in an industrial unit.

To resolve this, a digital visitor management system was designed by our development team at Copia Consultancy Service which gives you digital reports of all employees and visitors accessing your premises. Also tracing back these reports can be done easily. This software solution also provides a facility of storing government id proofs and photos of visitors. For preventing stealing of any intellectual properties NDAs can be signed digitally. For visitors, Visitor badges can be generated so that they can access only particular premises. Now it’s quite easier to keep a track of check in and check out time of your employees, so you can charge them accordingly.

Many other administrative tasks can also be simplified using GatePass Total product. With pre appointment feature in this application, visitors can fill their basic information prior to their visit. It can significantly increase the reception efficiency. Furthermore, whenever a visitor signs in, notifications can be sent to the intended hosts.

Gate Pass Total is a trustworthy one-stop IT solution for visitor Management systems in Industrial units. It’s a product by Copia Consultancy services that aims at increasing the productivity in industries while having safety and security at its priority.

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