11 Mar 2021


 Through the years, the urban landscape has drastically changed from individual bungalows to now Residential Apartments. Residential townships with multiple apartment buildings has taken a hit. These townships are huge and can accommodate a large number of people sometimes so much even 5 to 10 thousand people! The logistics and maintenance is a great challenge, notably there are tons of daily commuters too. Some are the daily ones such as a milkman or a newspaper vendors and others being random visitors, bunch of friends at someone’s flat. This has given rise to the need of having better security systems to keep a tab on it.

 As such large number of commuters without any particular data logging their activities and legitimacy can be dangerous. Especially in residential complexes where there are children and old aged people. Traditionally, residential complexes maintained registers with manual entries. But these records are easily misplaced and cumbersome to access and store. Sometimes it’s neglected with no regular logging of daily commuters in and out of the premises.

 Imagine having a contactless visitor management system to keep record of visitors in residential complexes. With this, one can generate digital reports of daily commuters along with guests at someone’s place. Unlike manual registers, digital copy of the photo and government id’s can be stored so as to trace back a person in case of mishap. The system can also generate smart cards for daily commuters such as maids so that they can be easily identified. As a parent there are situations when your children are staying alone at home. Therefore, getting notifications of any visitors at your place is one of the most instrumental features of these systems. Along with keeping digital records the application also provides extra feature of sharing important society notices and circulars to all the residents.

 Gate pass Total is one stop IT solution for visitor management system for residential complexes. It’s an initiative by Copia Consultancy services to improve security in gated communities. It’s one among the many IT products by them to make gated communities a better and safer place to live.

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