About Us

Copia Consultancy Services is a private limited company established in 2013. We operate from Airoli, Navi Mumbai and are strategically located with excellent connectivity with Mumbai Downtown, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune and Nasik. Our location helps us to connect with this adjoining industrial belt to serve customers better.
This company is formed by group of senior professionals having more than 100 years of collective experience in Information Technology, Supply Chain, Process Management & sales. Apart from having solid foundation of experienced professionals, we have a very dynamic, young and enthusiastic team of professionals who passionately work to solve customer issues.
This company is formed with the objective of :
a. Use innovation & experience to create IT products & solutions.
b. These solutions should be affordable and easy to use for customers.

By doing this, we would like to digitize all walks of life & all types of businesses so that they become more efficient, productive and progressive. Efficient business practices would ultimately help the society at large.
What makes us different is our innovation, passion for customer issues and agility. Mix of experience and young within the team gives you better results with speed, innovation, and quality.
Another differentiator is our value set. In no circumstances, we would bend our values and compromise with customers or their interests. That sometimes makes us to take longer routes and avoid shortcuts in solutioning and we are extremely proud of it. But the long run, it helps us provide long lasting quality solutions to customers and build long term relationships.
One of our principle is to build a long-lasting relationship with customers and make his IT and solution partner to grow its business and achieve goals. All our customers with us have continued relationship and its growing by every year.

Our Value Set

As mentioned earlier, we do business based on our value set. One of the thing , is to conduct business in an ethical and lawful manner and stay complaint with the law of the land.


At Copia everyone is required to follow integrity without excuse and without any deviations. As an organization, we follow ethical business practices to the highest extent. Copia does do any business with anyone who is involved in noncompliant laws & regulations. We also do not deviate from any legal, compliance rules and regulations of the geography.


Copia strives hard as an organization to develop & deliver quality solutions. As we innovate new products and processes, we also take care of people safety, data safety and if required environment safety while building & delivering products. We ask for sufficient time to build quality solutions and continuously keep us upgrading for higher benchmarks.


Customer requirements and needs regulate our operations at Copia. That gives required flexibility to offer services to our customers. Along with quality, this flexible services and solutions provide customer satisfaction. That gives us credibility with our customers and help us build long lasting relationships.


Customer commitment is what we promise & deliver. If its not in our area of expertise or is its outside of our focus area, we refer customer to other agencies in the related fields. In other words, we do not undertake anything that can not be delivered with required quality & in given time. That keeps us to maintain our commitment with customers at 100% rate.


Copia is a Technology Company with focus in product development.

It becomes extremely important to follow standardize process to ensure success in every project. So we have developed a unique project management methodology which is based on several standard project management methodology that are known to us.

We have background in Six Sigma, PMP, Agile and SAP’s ASAP methodology. Using these worldwide accepted standards, we have developed our project implementation process as outlined below.

Stakeholder Analysis & engagement

This is most important step while initiating any project. Many projects get delayed or scrapped if all stakeholders are not involved at right level. So its our first step in engagement to analyse & involve all related people across the hierarchy for the project.

Planning & Review

We do total project planning at the start of engagement. However, we continuously keep monitoring progress and fine tune planning for subsequent tasks.

Use of technology & process

Sometimes people want everything to be automatic & managed by computers. We work aggressively with stakeholders to ensure only required steps are automated/computerized. Other steps in the process can be managed by process redesign. This gives appropriate benefits to the cost spent for the project.

Bullet proofing through testing

We have development, Testing environments setup for the projects. We test every process step to ensure it works correctly to user satisfaction. Our testing process involves not only functional testing but we also ensure user experience is also tested in our process. This ensures that when end product is given to the user, he/she gets smooth walk for the new application.

End user engagement

After a project is live or complete, we turn around and work with end users. Many number of times, we get small inputs at this stage which we have never considered. This also ensures that product/process delivered is used as designed.